Installing Unity & Getting Started with Game Development

First steps to create a Unity Project

Today you’re gonna learn how to install Unity, create a new project, add Git to version control and connect your repository to GitHub.

  • Download Unity from here and follow the instructions of the installer.
  • Create a Unity ID if you don’t have one, you go to need to login with your unity ID in order to use Unity Hub:

  • Open Unity Hub, select “New”, select the project template, name your project and select a folder for your project, it is recommended to have your projects in the same folder:
  • Wait Unity opens the new project.
  • Open the terminal, go to your project folder and run the command “git init”:
git init

Done! You can use git commands in your project

  • Go to > select the “+” in the top right of the page > new repository
  • Name your repository and add the unity .gitignore
  • Go to the repository and select the green “code” button, then copy the link
  • Open the terminal in your project folder and run the command below
git remote add origin <paste the link of your repository here>

Good to go, you are ready to work in your brand new Unity project, use git for version control and upload to GitHub.

A Software Engineer passionate about game dev and interactive products with Unity. I consider video games to be the artistic expression of programming.