How to use a Dolly Track in Unity.

Create a path to move the camera

Objective: Use the cinemachine dolly track to create a path to move the camera around the guards.

First we have to go to Cinemachine > Create Dolly Camera with Track.

Then selecting the dolly track, in the inspector we can press “Add waypoint” to create a node that is going to be part of the path the camera will follow. You can move each waypoint as any game object in the scene windows.

There is one waypoint specifically to change the curve of the path. We are gonna use this one to create the curve around the guards.

Then to link the camera with the dolly track we have to select it, go to the inspector and in the body section select tracked dolly and assign the respective dolly track.

After that in the timeline we have to create an animation track, assign the camera and change the waypoint during the animation.

And that’s it!!! Basic way to use a dolly track to move a camera during the shot.

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