How to Host Your Unity Game on the Web

Publishing your game on Internet

Objective: Publish a WebGL Unity Build on

Ok let’s say you have your game ready you have to submit your entry for a game jam or any case where you need to publish that game on the Web. In this example we are gonna use as a platform to publish our game.

First thing is to have the WebGL Build ready, if you don’t know how to create it I leave you the next link to an article that explain how to do that:

Now you have to sign in in your account and select the option “Upload new project”

Then it is gonna take you to an page with a form where you have to fill with the information of your game, you can add title, description, screenshots and more.

Two important fields are “Kind of project” and “Upload”, in this case the kind of project is gonna be “HTML” since we have a webGL build and in the upload field we have to submit the zip file of the build.

Once you put all the information you can select “Save and view page”

And you are good to go! Your game is published on the web and ready to be played

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