Creating a Negative Pickup — Make Player Move in a Random Direction

Objective: create a new collectable that makes the player move in a random direction.

First we have to create the collectable by dropping the sprite in the scene and changing the size and the color.

Then I added the collider, rigidbody and the powerup script to give the powerup (and assigned a powerup ID) behavior to this object.

For this collectible I created an animation then I selected the Animation window and changed the color over the time.

At this point I had the look that I wanted for the negative pickup.

Next in the player script I created a variable called “_isSystemHacked” to enable and disable the movement. Also I declared a variable called “_hackingPath” to calculate the random direction. Then I create a coroutine to calculate the random path and enable the movement for 10 sec and a public function to start the coroutine.

In the powerup script I called the function to activate the random movement in the new case.

Finally in the inspector I added the negative pickup to the powerup array in the spawn manager.

That’s it!!! New negative pickup to make the game a little bit harder.



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Rusben Guzman

Rusben Guzman

A Software Engineer passionate about game dev and interactive products with Unity. I consider video games to be the artistic expression of programming.