A coroutine is a function that has the ability to stop it’s execution and continue at the same point after a condition is met. To declare a Coroutine you have to use the type IEnumerator:

The IEnumerator allows us to use the following line of code, where yield is a keyword that tells Unity to wait one frame to continue with the execution.

We also can add a time delay using the WaitForSeconds() function as below.

Unity also provides other options like WaitUntil() to wait until a condition is true or WaitWhile() to wait until a condition is false.

The last thing you have to do in order to use your Coroutine is use the method StartCoroutine() and pass your Coroutine as a parameter.

There are a lot of uses for coroutines like a cooldown system for shooting, recharge shields or any mechanic that has to wait for time or conditions in your game.

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