Benefits of Prototyping without Assets

Spaceship shot prototype

When it comes to start developing a game or any interactive product one of the best practices is prototyping which is to create a simplified version of some functionality to test an idea or concept for the final product. So what can we get from a prototype?

  • Evaluate if an idea mechanic could work for the game
  • Save time in development
  • We don’t have to wait until every asset is ready to start working
  • We can detect bugs or modify the prototype to improve the experience
  • Experiment with new features

Another important thing is you can use hundreds of tools to make a prototype, it could be made on paper, using test assets or even programming just a pilot level. Depending on your resources and time you can choose any method to create the prototype.

Prototype made on paper

Once you finish with the prototyping process you can start adding the real assets to your game elements and see the actual game in action. In this case we can see how the spaceship looks in the prototype made with primitive shapes and then the result adding the sprites.

Spaceship with the sprites

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