Unity Animating GameObjects with Timeline in Unity

Using the timeline windows to preview and animate game objects

Objective: Animate game objects in Unity

Unity’s timeline is used to create cinematic content like game sequences, cut-scenes or audio sequences. In order to use the timeline we have to go to Window > Sequencing > Timeline.

Then we have to select the object we want to animate and select create in the timeline window.

Unity offers different tools to animate game objects in the timeline. In this case we are gonna create an animation track to move an object. So let’s go to the timeline window > select the plus sign and select “animation track”.

Then we can use the white guide to select a different time of frame. So, for this example I just selected the game object and changed the position and color. Once we do that we can preview the animation in the editor without entering en game mode.

And that’s it!!! This is a basic way to animate a game object using the timeline in Unity.